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We are a development first e‑commerce agency helping brands, wholesalers and (r)e-tailers to create a sophisticated e‑commerce strategy

Core values you can see in all our code

1 / Flexibility

We believe that the digital world should be flexible without any vendor lock-in or limitations for the future. We'll create your e‑commerce environment ready to adapt to future changes and technologies.

2 / Reliability

Reliability as a foundation for growth and scalability. That's why Originem.io chooses Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with fully focussing on Serverless Computing.

3 / Simplicity

Don't reinvent the wheel, making the right choices gives you a great head start! And we know which tools gets the job done. Together with our Interlayer platform, you'll let everything work together with ease.

4 / Security

Security is an important factor in success and our modular approach together with Serverless Computing on Google Cloud is one of many security ethics Originem.io stands for.

We'll work with all your current tools

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Integrating with Akeneo

Akeneo PIM collects and centralizes product information from virtually anywhere, improves team collaboration and productivity around product information enrichment, and helps you deliver the most compelling omnichannel product experiences.

Curious what Originem.io can do for your business?

The Ultimate Digital Toolset for Large-scale Enterprises

Interlayer.cloud transcends a mere toolset; it's the gateway to a transformative digital era for large-scale and enterprise-level businesses. Tailored to integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP system, this flexible and dynamic suite empowers you to rapidly craft a customized digital ecosystem that fits perfectly with your operational needs.

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We've developed the Interlayer platform so you can adapt to future changes and easily connect your current IT environment

Kickstart building your e‑commerce ecosystem

Starting with Interlayer means you can immediately start with connecting all your data- and product sources. You'll have a wide set of predefined entities and functions available to kickstart your development.

interlayer kickstart

Connect with warehouses and saleschannels

Connect all your product sources and other digital (legacy) tools to Interlayer to have everything in one place. Once set up you can easily create business rules and filtering before sending data to your sales channels.


Separate business logic and integrations

Don't get stuck in fully customizing your e‑commerce system. Create a flexible and extendible interlayer that solely holds your connections and business logic. This way you'll be flexible and adaptable for future updates of, or changes to your e‑commerce system.

interlayer separation

Highly customizable without the hassle

You can extend everything with your own PHP code, add third party packages by using Composer and dependency injection. To create a flexible ecosystem that perfectly fits your e-commerce needs.

interlayer customizable

"Using the Interlayer Platform, we were able to scale up our e‑commerce activities very quickly without having to adjust or replace the other systems first.”

Robin - Customer

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"Originem.io is always working with a data approach on projects to get e-commerce and our A.I. engine to work seamlessly."

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