composable e‑commerce solutions for today and tomorrow

At Originem we believe tools to improve your business should be long term solutions. And should exactly fit the needs of all the business units in the process. From PIM to Marketing, from fluent payment solutions to drop-shipping. Best of breed Unified Composable Commerce delivers just that.

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We'll work with all your current tools. But we're proud integration partner of

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turn browsers into buyers with Akeneo

Akeneo PIM is purpose-built for ease of use while providing powerful enterprise-grade features. With advanced functionality that anyone can use, you’ll manage and optimize product information processes, no matter the size of your catalog. And with Interlayer’s algorithms the exact right data will be available to the exact relevant part of the business unit, or your platform’s users.

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e‑commerce FRAMEWORK

Sylius, the framework for any shopping experience

Sylius and Interlayer are designed to be at the heart of your modern e‑commerce stack. And to connect all the dots into a delightful experience for your customers. While making sure all the information corresponds accurate with your ERP. Giving you the agility to advance and improve both the front and the back of your online store.

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"Using the Interlayer Platform we were able to scale up our e‑commerce activities very quickly without having to adjust or replace the other systems first."

Robin - Customer

"If you can name all the categories you are selling in 30 seconds, you should be happy with your current e‑commerce landscape. If you can't, you should consider talking to Originem."

Samual - Customer

" is always working with a data approach on projects to get e‑commerce and our A.I. engine to work seamlessly."

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"The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection."

Robin Sharma


Storyblok, your way to modern content

Build better content experiences, faster without limits. With Storyblok, the modern CMS loved by all teams you empower your teams at every stage of the content life cycle. Create, manage, enhance and deliver. Your teams will love it.

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Adyen, engineered for ambition

Adyen offers businesses an end-to-end infrastructure connected to card networks, ensuring fast, reliable, and secure payment processing. Their commitment to innovation and customer service aligns with our mission to provide exceptional services and products. Together, we aim to simplify payments, enhance customer experiences, and support business growth.

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