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what is

Interlayer is an iPaas (Integration Platform as a Service), combined with a Software Framework approach.

It contains pre-defined (but highly extendable) digital connectors, tools and ready to go interfaces.

It can be used as a fundament to kickstart the development of a flexible and scalable e‑commerce eco-system.

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become Data-Driven

unleash the power of google cloud BiG Query

Within any organization, data is often fragmented in various IT systems and databases. These so-called Data Silos hold important information to manage a complex business. offers a feature called Data Jobs which can be used to take all the data out of Data Silos and keep it updated and synchronized in a single Data Lake powered by Google Cloud BIGQuery.

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Orchestrate your e‑commerce landscape

let data flow from your ERP to your PIM, and between your sales channels, ERP, PIM, DAM etc

Today every tooling used within a modern e‑commerce ecosystem is equipped with an API to connect with other digital entities.

These API’s will not talk with each other out of the box. There has the be an orchestrator, managing and timing the communication between those different API’s. offers a low-code software framework to connect whatever API based system (or legacy file formats exchange) at rocket speed.

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monitor your processes

extensive logging and alerts

Running a sophisticated e‑commerce business, it requires many processes to work together. These (custom) processes should work 100% to your needs, within any (unnoticed) interruption. offers a bird-eye view of all your processes and there results. Giving a complete overview, and making sure you'll never miss anything.

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"Using the Interlayer Platform we were able to scale up our e‑commerce activities very quickly without having to adjust or replace the other systems first."

"If you can name all the categories you are selling in 30 seconds, you should be happy with your current e‑commerce landscape. If you can't, you should consider talking to Originem."

" is always working with a data approach on projects to get e‑commerce and our A.I. engine to work seamlessly."

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"The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection."

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add assortment

extend your product reach offers out-of-the-box support for adding multiple external warehouses (Sellers). This lets you expand your business with external product and stock. components are available to cover any digital format requested by your partners.

Using BIG Query, you'll easily re-format data like cluttered product information into your Product Information Management (PIM) tool.

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